On Friday, September 9, 2016
Josephine and Jonathan
Are Getting Married!

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Please check back occasionally as we will continue to update as details get finalized. Here's what we know right now!

Friday, September 9, 2016

Ceremony begins at 615 PM
Reception begins at 7 PM

Formal attire requested

What we're trying for is elegant yet relaxed, rather than stiff and uncomfortable
Men: a suit and tie, or similar
Ladies: a long dress, dressy separates, or a more formal cocktail dress

This is the same week as Labor Day, and it's a Friday. That may or may not make travel arrangements easier. Traffic can range from heavy to very heavy around this time of day, so we suggest planning accordingly.

Gray Gables Estate
Portland, OR

The Wedding Party



Josephine has known Sherry since she was born. That's because they're sisters :-) Sherry is one of the few people that brings out the adventurous side of Josephine. She's always going to keep her young.


Trischa was one of the first girlfriends Josephine made after she moved to Vancouver. The entire Wass family quickly became Josephine's home away from home despite that Trischa first thought Josephine was a middle-aged Asian pediatrician with a cat ;-)


Lisa and Josephine go waaaay back to the days when "I Swear" by All-4-One was a top hit. They remained friends despite living in different states since college. She's still the first one on Josephine's speed dial with news of any life changes.

Best Man:


Art and Jonathan met when they worked together in Ohio and have remained friends since. From classical concerts to city nightlife, to home automation and hydroponic gardening, they share a lot of common interests that have led to a number of [often ridiculous] projects and adventures.


Olivia and Lola

Olivia and Lola are Trischa and Noah's adorable girls. Livvy is the more responsible older sister while Lola is the feisty younger sister (kind of like Josephine and Sherry).



Hudson is Jonathan's nephew, and he's very much a boy's boy. He starts kindergarten this year. He lives in Wisconsin with his older sister Kaelin and his parents.

Our Guide to Portland/Vancouver

Although we live in Vancouver, we love to enjoy all Portland has to offer! Here's a short guide to places we've been to and like, which capture the essence of why we've made this city our home. Each neighborhood has it's own vibe, so we hope you have time to check some of them out!

Tourist Destinations

Powell's City of Books
Pittock Mansion
Lan Su Chinese Gardens
Portland Farmer's Market
Portland Saturday Market
Vancouver Farmer's Market
Voodoo Doughnut
Blue Star Donuts
Stumptown Coffee
Salt and Straw
Vista House at Crowne Point
Multnomah Falls

Coffee Shops

Coffee is a true art form in Portland. You can get pretty much any style you want. Something that surprised us was that the espresso drinks are made with a light roast which is definitely not like Starbucks.

Compass Coffee Roasting
Locally roasted in Vancouver.
Black Rock Coffee
A chain in OR, WA and CA. Espresso drinks and custom Rockstar blends.
Coava Coffee Roasters
Albina Press
Grendel's Coffee House
Yummy unique mocha drinks!
Palio Dessert & Espresso House


Even after being out here for almost three years, we feel like there are still so many restaurants to experience. If you're looking for chain restaurants, good luck in PDX. Everything is made in house and most likely local, organic, vegan, gluten-free or all the above.

A food cart turned brick and mortar shop, Lardo combines common ingredients to create unique and delicious sandwiches.
If you're feeling adventurous, this place is not your traditional Thai but delicious comfort food nevertheless.
Amazing Peruvian tapas and drinks. Try the Sacsayhuaman if you like spice and the classic Pisco Sour.
Yummy sushi and ramen in downtown PDX.
If you're looking for a quick but tasty ramen fix...
Pok Pok
Another authentic (?) Thai restaurant. They're famous for their chicken wings, which can be ordered at their takeout window spicy or regular. The secret is to go or across the street to their sister restaurant Whiskey Soda Lounge if Pok Pok is too busy.
Brunch is huge in PDX and they aren't kidding around at Gravy. Portion sizes are generous so plan accordingly.
Food carts
Unfortunately we haven't visited many of the food cart pods in PDX. The hyperlink above takes you to one of the largest ones in the city. The offerings are mostly Middle Eastern and Thai but there's also pizza, fish and chips, grilled cheese and gumbo. Each neighborhood has at least one pod and the selections are varied.


What can we say about beer in PDX. It's everywhere and there's something for everyone. Beer isn't "just beer" just like coffee isn't "just coffee". You'll actually be hard-pressed to find Bud and Miller at most places. Microbrews are everywhere and although IPAs are predominant we prefer the other offerings. All of these have tasting rooms and many offer food as well.

Not your typicaly pub/bar food served here. Besides their fries, there's nothing else fried on the menu. Delicious food to go with delicious and varied beers from their brewery.
Base Camp
Food carts outside if you want BBQ or pot pie to go along with the large beer selection.
Ex Novo
The Commons
Focuses on farmhouse ales and sessionable beers.
Great Notion
Cascade Brewing
Sour beers are slowly making it around the country but already pretty big in PDX. These beers are very sour but this is the place to try them if you want.


Oregon is known for world renowned pinot noirs because the growing conditions are ideal. We had to try a lot of pinots before finding some we liked. We generally drink big reds and there's not much for cabs around here. The following wineries have tasting rooms and are within a 90-minute drive from the Portland/Vancouver area.

Hawkins Cellars
Hawkins have a variety of wines which you don't find too often in Oregon wineries.
Hyland Estates
Mostly reds and all pretty delicious.
Youngberg Hill
First place we understood why Oregonians are so crazy about their pinots. This winery offers several pinots from different years grown at different elevations which offers a good range of pinot flavors. The setting is quite picturesque as well!


Kell's Irish Pub
Loyal Legion Beer Hall
If you're a serious beer connoisseur, you start here. At least 90 beers on tap (mostly local) and most we guarantee you've not heard of at all. Oh and they also serve homemade sausages and pretzels.
For when you're meeting that tall, dark, smokin' blind date ;-)
Rum Club
If you thought you didn't like rum, you'll find out you were wrong after coming here.
Hale Pele
Tiki hut themed with yummy "girly" drinks. They also offer a tremendous rum list.
The Rookery Bar, upstairs at Raven and Rose


For our universal registry, please go to MyRegistry.com. This is our universal registry which links to several individual registries except Bed Bath and Beyond. You can sort the list by stores if you would prefer.

If you feel inclined to get us a gift, we would appreciate them to be shipped.

We're still in the midst of compiling items but have started registries at: Amazon, Macy's, Bed Bath and Beyond and Target if you would like to browse on the individual sites.

Restoration Hardware

Bed Bath & Beyond

Travel and Accommodations

For our out of town guests, the closest airport to fly into is Portland International Airport.

We recommend a rental car but Uber is available as well.

As the wedding will be in Portland, we recommend staying in downtown, northeast or southeast Portland for closer access to the venue as well as convenience of exploring the city. We have not blocked rooms but there are a variety of lodging options such as hotels, Airbnb and VRBO.

The venue has a private parking lot so no need to worry about finding street parking. While exploring the city, there is street as well as garage parking. Street parking is $1.60/hr at most meters, credit cards are accepted, and it's transferable if you need to move the car.

Wedding Photographer